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Vassallo(TM) Version 1.0, March 24, 1993
All Rights Reserved. Alle Rechte Vorbehalten.
A TrueType® Font
by Jefferson J. Vorzimmer, «bang the drum» graphics, po box 8520, nyc 10116 USA
CIS: 71542,2562

This font is the fourth font offer from «btd». This is the second handwriting font and, frankly, the best one we've ever seen. Because of the time spent on this particular font, we feel we must charge a shareware fee. We know you'll think it's worth it. The fee is $19.99, which should be made payable to the designer, J. Vorzimmer. We will waive the fee in several instances, i.e., if you provide us with any of the following:

1) A sample of something you've created with Vassallo.
2) A copy of a really cool T1 or TT font that you have created yourself.
3) Suggestions for improving the font, or,
4) A drink at the Bar Txoko in Pamplona (España) on any 7th of July.

As always. . . please distribute this file with the TTF and, if you use it, please pay for it. That will guarantee that small shops like ours will stay in business producing quality computer fonts.

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