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1996 Brain Eaters Font Company.
Shareware: $5.00

This font is from Brain Eaters Font Co. Fonts based on B-Movies- Horror, Sci-Fi, & Exploitation. After doing a B-Movie Magazine for a few years I became tired of looking for specific genre styles, so I decided to do my own.
This font style is from the video box of the Sci-Fi B&W 3-D classic Cat Women of the Moon.
A blocky, bold, fun headline face. The upper case letters have a higher baseline, so by alternating between upper and lower, a jumping baseline is achieved. Both upper and lower are the same character shapes however, so all upper, or all lower looks the same, except for the position.
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Permission is hereby granted to freely distribute Cat Women to any person or online service
subject to the condition that the following files remain unmodified, and are distributed together:

Cat Women font
Cat Women ReadME
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Cat Women is SHAREware. If you pay the shareware fee I will give you the Cat Boxed font which has a box around each letter. Thats 2 fonts total!

Please send cash, or check for $5.00 payable to:

Brain Eaters
1947 N. 180 W.
Orem, Utah 84057

Please also mention where you picked up Cat Women. If your interested in other fonts from Brain Eaters (Mac or PC) tell me, Ill send you samples. Feel free to pass this font around, but please include this document. Many thanks.

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