Blahh update version 1.2

Thanks for downloading the newest version of Blahh. Blahh now has both UPPER case and lower case characters. Plus the font has been cleaned up a bit as far as kerning and a few other same things that should stream line the font.

*Make sure that you trash any older version of Blahh before you install the new one.

If you like the font, please take the time to send the $5 Shareware.
Check/Money Order toĽ

Greg Severi
P.O. Box 8833
Stockton, CA. 95208-0833

Where I can be reachedĽ
209.546.8375/Record Online@Sysop Greg
209.933.9536/Team Dalmatian Design@Crowe

**I want to give a HUGE thanks (and many Mochas) to Susan Townsend at HOT *METAL* TYPE for all of her help and information she was able to give me. I learned that I need to leave creating fonts to an expert like her and just keep this as a hobby! But seriously, please take the time to check out some of her fonts. She can be reached at