This is the Smiley Font License. It was created using Macromedia's Fontographer. It is Freeware, you may use, copy, and distribute the Smiley Font. All files must be intact (Smilf___.pfb, Smilf___pfm, Smilf___.ttf, samplern.ttf, and Smiley.txt).

Installing the fonts: Win95 - copy the font to the fonts folder in Windows.
Win 3.1 - Use the font installation program from the control panel.

If there are any question or problems with the fonts, please notify me immediately. I will do what I can to fix the problem.

If you wish to register the Smiley Font, for $12.50 US Dollars (plus $2.50, for shipping and handling), you will recieve 4 additional fonts. Twisted, Marble Ari, Pin Striped, and Outline Font with Flowers.

Requests may be sent to:

P.J. Cassel Designs
P.O. Box 308
Bastrop, TX 78602-0308



Registration Form



City, State, zip__________________________________________

E-mail____________________________________________________(this will eliminate shipping charges if you wished to have the file E-mailed to you)

*No Credit Card Orders, I don't wish to add to anyone's debt.
*Personal Checks are acceptable, but they will have to clear the bank before I send you the files.

Enclosed $12.50 for Registration, $2.50 for shipping (skip shipping if you wish to get the files by E-mail.