TeA Calcium Weekly freefont
for the week of 8-26-97

Bridie copyright 1997 Bridie Curran

Do NOT redistribute this font.. or else

I have a sister, her name is Bridie. Bridie isn't a designer or a typographer, shes a coffee drinker, but she does draw one hell of a font. Bridie likes to die her hair and wear silly dresses and bright makeup when she goes out for coffee everynight. She has some pet sea monkeys and one of those virtual pets you keep on your keychain. SHe treats them all very well. Shes good with animals, and makes good grilled cheese too. Bridie drives a pimp-mobiel, its a low ridin boat with racing stripes, a gold crown on the dash and a dog that bobs his head in the back window.

Bridie says that if you like her font that you should send her a dollar, maybe two if your nice. She says shell buy some coffee and food for her sea monkies, and occasionally gas for her car.

If you wish to send bridie a dollar, put a dollar in an envelope and send it to:

Bridie Curran

c/o TeA Curran
PO BOX 2633
Taunton MA 02780

Bridie says she'll thank you lots and lots.