CHANNELS is a specialized font, useful for anyone involved in printing TV
listings on a regular basis. In addition to containing a very readable
condensed font, it includes symbols similar to those you would find on most
TV-listings pages in your daily newspaper. I had to rearrange a few keys to
accommodate the cable listings the ampersand (&), exclamation mark (!),
bullet () and dollar sign ($) characters. I hope this doesnt cause any
severe problems.

I tried to include most popular cable stations, including the new SciFi and
Cartoon Networks. If I have omitted any important stations, my apologies.
Please drop me E-Mail and I will try to include them in a possible future

I would welcome your suggestions/comments concerning this font. If you use
this font on a professional level (i.e., in material that is distributed
for profit), a shareware fee of $14.95 per copy is requested. You may
distribute or upload this file to other bulletin boards providing this
README file is included.

Comments, suggestions and/or shareware fees can be sent to:

Thomas R. Gabrielli
c/o Skyline Graphics
224 Skyline Drive
Coram, New York 11727-0388

QuarkXpress¨ and LetrTuck¨ are registered trademarks of their respective
owners. Skyline Graphics is not affiliated with any network used in this

MAGICPIC˙–,The following cable stations are supported:

American Christian Television System ACTS
American Movie Classics AMC
Arts & Entertainment A&E
Black Entertainment Television BET
Bravo BRV
Cable News & Business Network CNBC
Cable News Network CNN
Cable Satellite Public Affairs Net. C-SPAN
Cable TV Network of NJ CTNJ
Cartoon Network CN
Cinemax MAX
Country Music Television CMT
Court TV CTV
Discovery Channel, The DSC
Disney Channel DIS
E! Entertainment Television E!
Family Channel, The FAM
Home Box Office HBO
Learning Channel, The TLC
Lifetime LIF
Madison Square Garden Network MSG
Movie Channel, The TMC
Music Television MTV
National Jewish Television NJT
Nickelodeon NIK
Science-Fiction Network SF
Showtime SHO
SportsChannel America SCA
SportsChannel SC
TBS Superstation TBS
The Nashville Network TNN
Travel Channel, The TTC
Turner Broadcast Network TBN
Trinity Broadcasting Television TNT
Video Hits One VH-1
Vision Interfaith Satellite Network VISC
Weather Channel, The TWC
USA Network USA

In addition, the following symbols/abbreviations are included:

Black and White B&W
Closed Captioned CC
Colorized COL
Film Rating Codes:
Hours [used for show lengths]
Minutes [used for show lengths]
Repeat (R)
Star [for rating films]

Rearranged characters:
Ampersand & \ [back slash]
Bullet ` [accent]
Dollar sign (3/4 size)
Exclamation mark ! / [slash]
Em dash = [equal sign]
Parentheses appear in the respective bracket locations.

To type hollow television stations, use the OPTION+SHIFT with the top row
of numeric keys for stations 2-13. For other stations, use the OPTION+SHIFT
with the special keys on the right side of the main keyboard [dash, =, o,
p, l, semicolon or apostrop

To type solid television stations, use the OPTION key with top row of
numeral keys for stations 2-13. For other stations, use the SHIFT key with
the special keys on the right side of the main keyboard [open or closed
brackets or < keys] to type the TV screen with the specific numeral (1-3).
Change the color of your type to WHITE or PAPER and type the second digit
of the station by using OPTION+SHIFT+one of the top-row numeric keys. For
example, to type the 24 shown above: Type SHIFT+] ; change the color of
your type to WHITE; then OPTION+SHIFT+4 (again, no space between the two
keystrokes). Make sure you change the color of your type back to BLACK.

Refer to KeyCaps or a similar application for complete keyboard layouts.