This Software is distributed as "shareware". This means the fonts
are provided as a "trial version" so you can freely evaluate the
software before purchasing. If after trying the Shareware version
you want to continue using it, you are required to register.

The fonts and files are copyrighted software and are the property
of Dennis Palumbo (Copyright 1997). You may give to your friends
or distribute to anyone a copy of these fonts for evaluation as
long as all files (listed below) are included and the files and
fonts are not modified or altered in any way prior to

cheetah.ttf - Cheetah Truetype font
ordershw.pdf - Order form in PDF format for printing
ordershw.txt - Order form in text format for printing
readmech.txt - This readme file

If you like my font creations please apply for a software license
by registering. I have spent hundreds of hours designing these
and other fonts and this small amount gives me incentive to create
other unique fonts.

For more information about prices see the Order Form in PDF and
TXT format that is included. You may also contact the author by:



Mail: Dennis Palumbo, 104 Barrymore Blvd.
Franklin Square, New York 11010.

Rev. 6/97 - Copyright 1997 by Dennis Palumbo