Evil Of Frankenstein 2.1© 1996-97 Brain Eaters Font Company.Freeware!This font is from Brain Eaters Font Co. Fonts based on B-Movies, Horror, Sci-Fi, Exploitation and other trash.Based on an old Hammer Films production of the same name, starring Peter Cushing. An excellent film, this type face however is a lot like the Frankenstein make-up for this film quite ugly, and out of place. Enjoy!- - - - -Legal- - - - -Permission is hereby granted to freely distribute Evil Of Frankenstein to any person or online servicesubject to the condition that the following files remain unmodified, and are distributed together:• Evil Of Frankenstein font• Evil Of Frankenstein ReadME- - - - -Evil Of Frankenstein is FREEware. If you choose to keep and use the font, feel free! Pass this font around, but please include this document.- - - - -Version History: 1.0 original release 1/96. Version 2.0-2.1 added numbers & punctuation 3/97.- - - - -Please also mention where you picked up this font. If your interested in other fonts from Brain Eaters (Mac or PC) tell me, Ill send you samples. Feel free to pass this font around, but please include this document. Many thanks.Brain Eaters 570 South 1000 East Salt Lake City, Utah 84102 E-mail: BrainEat@aol.com