Brain Eaters Font Co.Current Fonts are:• A Weird Party -- A curly serif face w/ wild shapes, includes Alt. version. $10.• Blood Of Dracula -- Old English, gothic style font dripping with blood. $5.• Blood Feast -- Sloppy, jaggy, rough & bloody display face. $5.• Cat Women of the Moon -- Blocky, funky, jumpy headline face. $5.• Cat Boxed --Cat Women font with boxes reversing out letters. Free w/Cat Women.• Decaying -- Tops of this sans serif face are doing just that. Free*• Decaying Alternate -- More corrosion, and cracking. Free*• Demon Night -- Based on the movie poster. Sharp, shaky, scary serif face. $5.• EddieFisher --Early 60's beatnik style sharp serif face. $5.• EddieFisher’s Brothers --Thin, Bold, and Heavy. Free w/purchase of Eddie.• Evil of Frankenstein --Based on the movie poster, chunky, creepy font. Free*• FrankenTOHO --Based on the movie poster, sans serif w/refuse surrounding font. $5.• H-Man --Based on the movie poster, rounded sans serif headline face. Free*• H-Man Part 2 --Based on H-man, squareish sans serif headline face. Free*• Kuntry Fonts --Western typewriter 3 fonts: Joe, Reg & Hog w/ square centers. $10.• Psychatronic --Sans serif 50's style based on Psychotronic Video face. $5.• Psychatronic Two Caps--Two seperate styles of the capital letters. Free w/Psychatronic.• Shiver --Shaking sans serif letters, numbers & punctuation. $5.• Sinbad7 --Decorative sans based on the movie poster for The 7th Voyage of Sinbad. $5.• Spooky One --Just like name implies spoooky, messy & rough type. $5.• SpookyTwo & SpookyThree --Thin condensed & Bold expanded. Free w/SpookyOne• Trauma --A sans serif face with optical illusion lines top&bottom. $10.(*Free fonts request with order), (fonts with new version #s have had spaceing,kerning, and/or other modifications done to them.) The Whole type face set of over 25 fonts is only $50.Please include $2. for Postage & Disk.If you want it sent via eMail include E-address and save the $2.Specify PostScript or TueType MAC or PC.Send cash, check or M.O. to: Brain Eaters 570 South 1000 East, Salt Lake City, Utah 84102.For more info eMail