This font, "Hultog," is a simple "antiqued" font based on some
classic Venetian-style typefaces (or rather, what happened to them
once I munged them rather a lot in bitmap form and then scanned
them back into a font). It's not a full family; only the "regular"
version was ever completed. The goal was to create a simple antique
font that wasn't quite as munged as most others, something that
might be suitable for long stretches of text, if need be. I was,
in the end, too lazy to do the italic version, and then I didn't
need it anymore. But it's still kinda neat, so here it is.

This font is copyright 2000 by S. John Ross. It is freeware;
no license is required to use it. All I ask is that if you
put it to any interesting use, you let me know so I can feel
all warm and fuzzy. Email me at - and visit my
website, the Blue Room, at

Version 3.0