TrueType version of Kinigstein Kaps.
It consists of 23 capital letters (Q, X and Y are missing --
sorry, that's just the way it goes) drawn in a decorative
Art Nouveau style such that each cap is drawn in black and
looks somewhat as if it's been pressed onto a square of
foil. Characters 1,2,3 and 4 are filled with "SK"
monograms, after the student of mine for which the font is

Kinigstein Kaps is shareware. If you like and/or use the
font, please donate $2.99 or more to Columbia University,
and send your check to the following address: Cynthia
Lemiesz, 703 Dodge Hall, Columbia University, New York, NY
10027. In the check memo, simply write "Kinigstein Kaps" or

Kinigstein Kaps is copyright 1990 by David Rakowski, Alle
Rechte Vorhalten. You may distribute the font any way you
want, providing all the files in this archive are part of
the package. Feel free to upload it to other online

Kinigstein is another like really radical cool thing from
the flotsam and jetsam at Bug-Bytes.