Version 1.6, July 24, 1997 Price: Free!

Virtue is my improvement of Apple Computer's "Charcoal" font appearing in Mac OS

About Virtue
There is a lot of controversy about this font, and honestly, I think that most of
it is unjustified. Basically, a lot of people did not want this font to appear in
the Mac OS 8. I think that this feeling is based on a "reverse-engineered" font
developed by Greg Landweber for his Aaron extension and Kaleidoscope control
panel. Greg built his font from looking at various screenshots and did a good job
at making a very complete font. However, the spacing information and special
characters characters seemed a little off to me. It seems that Apple couldn't
decide whether Charcoal should have two pixels between the letters or just one.
This leads to a cramped appearance on screen.

So here's what I did: basically, I took his work and tried to space it how I
would if I was making Apple's next font. I studied the "Chicago" system font and
and used it as a template for my font. After about 2 hours of tinkering, I had a
bitmap font that looked really good as a replacement font for Kaleidoscope. About
a week later, after tinkering some more, I made even more improvements.

Feel free to tell me how you feel about this font, good or bad. If you have some
specific criticisms, I'd love to hear them, so I can improve Virtue. My email
address is Also check my web page for updates at:

Installation Instructions (for Wiondows 95)
1. Drag the "Virtue1.ttf" file to your open Fonts folder
2. Open the "Display" control panel and click on the "Appearance" tab
3. Click on "Active Window" and change the font to Virtue (make sure that the
point size is set to 9 pt and that bold and italic are *not* selected)
4. Click on "Normal" and change the font to Virtue (make sure that the point size
is set to 9 pt and that bold and italic are *not* selected)
5. Click on the "OK" button at the bottom and you'll be all set!

Freeware Notice
You don't need to pay a cent for this font. In fact, I will refuse to take any
money for it at all. Please, I'm begging you, NO MONEY!!!!! If you want to spend
some money, take a look at some of my other fonts on my web site. I do retain all
rights to this font, so don't even think about trying to sell it. I mean really,
how tacky could you get.

Version History
1.6--First Windows 95 release. (July 24, 1997)