mischstab opium river is the sixth
font by tot mischstab,i.. as the
other five it is nearly yours for
free: all i want is to know, see
and get what you use it for.

any spreading is appreciated as
long as all the files or best the
stuffed archive is spread.

a couple of characters are not
supported but those who are are
supported (amazing).

if you have the desire to change
that font go ahead just send me a
copy of the changed one and give
me a credit.

as always the font is made on a
mac and the pc version is not
tested (but should work)

other fonts still available:
-mischstab apfelsaft
-mischstab avocado trauma
-mischstab decibel repulse
-mischstab oblivion
-mischstab popanz
collect them all to for a better
life and tasteful designs.

any correspondence to:

go to the homepage or to suspicion
breeds confidence

©1998 tot mischstab,i.