(c)1996 by Astigmatic One Eye Fonts

MooCow was influenced and brought about by all the Cow propaganda in advertising these days (Ben & Jerry's, Columbian Coffee Ad's, Gateway Computers, etc). This font is also great as Military Camouflage type! A perfect font for various fancies. Available for Macintosh and Windows PC in TrueType format.

This shareware offering has a single weight with most uppercase characters and basic punctuation. Users who pay the US$10 registration fee will receive a copy of MooCow with a full upper and lower character set, full punctuation, most international characters, and a few option keyed symbols as well. On receipt of your fee, I'll ship you the full release on 3.5" disk -- or if you're in a hurry, digital delivery might also be arranged. I'll also send along a full copy of Manson, a character & dingbat font derived from various Marilyn Manson memorabilia, some of our freeware fonts, and trial versions of a few other shareware typefaces.

I'd like to emphasize that MooCow is shareware. If you choose to keep the typeface beyond a reasonable trial period, you must pay the registration fee.

Here's a paper form you can print out and mail:

Name/Company ___________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________

City _______________ State ___ ZIP _________ Country ___________

E-mail Address _________________________________________________

Please send me ____________ copies of MooCow
(PC TrueType version, US$10 each): _______________
Shipping and Handling
(U.S./Canada $2.00, others $3.00): _______________

TOTAL: _______________
(Maine residents please add 6% sales tax.)
___ Check enclosed

Signature: _________________________________________________

Please send your order to: Brian J. Bonislawsky
Astigmatic One Eye Foundry (A.O.E.F.)
412 NW 187th St.
N. Miami, FL 33169 USA

You're welcome to pass the trial version of MooCow along for others to review, but please pass along this document, too. Many thanks for your consideration.

Brian J. Bonislawsky
=========================================================================================== Oct 1996