mischstab apfelsaft is another font designed by tot mischstab,i.

this font is free. all i want as a return is to be notified what you use it for and a copy or the url of everything you release using it. it can be changed as long as you send me a copy of the new font and give me a credit. it should be spread and you can spread it in any form as long as you keep all the files in one archive.

as the other mischstab fonts this one does not support all characters either but the most important are implemented. as always it is done on a mac so the pc version is not tested by me or in a fancy form packaged (icons etc.) but who gives a fuck anyway?

contact: mischstab@bigfoot.com (any correspondence and even criticsm (even if i probably ignore it) is appreciated)

homepage: http://www.clever-stuff.com/mischstab

another homepage somehow related: http://www.clever-stuff.com/sbc

other fonts by tot mischstab: mischstab oblivion, mischstab popanz, mischstab decibel repulse, mischstab avocado trauma