The font you're reading about now, FKR StarLife SemiBold,
is totally free.

The reason we give these neat-o fonts
away, is simply that we want to show our fans that we
can not only create some of the best graphics in the world,
but also some cool free fonts.

We are also very modest.

Please feel free to distribute this font as much as
you want, as long as this file is somewhere not too
far away from it.

If you send this font around WITHOUT this text-file,
we're gonna sue you broke. Simple as a pie.

We are also very nice.

Thanks a bundle to the coolest eel rancher in the world,
mr. Chank Diesel, who inspired us to start doing our own
fonts, by giving out some of his best works for free.

Greetings goes out to Jacob Munk-Stander, Allan Rasmussen,
Dominic Hopton, Ole Madsen, Christopher LeVon, Kjartan
Anthun Hansen, Arnt Ivar Tilset, Lars Bjĝnnes, Bjĝrn Furuknap,
Wenda Williamson, Knight, food, Valemon, mumbles, and
probably some poor soul i forgot. I tend to forget people in
these silly greetings :o)

Feedback is appreciated, of course. Its always nice to hear
what other people think. My email address is
Thats also where you can mailbomb me.

Thanks for listening!

PS: got ideas for new fonts,..? Mail me!

Best regards,
Fredrik K. Roemteland

Fredrik K. Roemteland \_______________
Webmaster for: