GoodDog Bones 1997 Fonthead Design

What is GoodDog Bones?
This is the latest clip art font from Fonthead Design! It is whacky and guaranteed to make your documents more fun!
Also if you want the other two fonts in this set-- GoodDog Plain, and GoodDog Cool, be sure to visit my web site!
You can find them there for free download!

Is it shareware?
No! This is FREEWARE! Use it to your hearts content without any guilt.

Where is the Fonthead World Wide Web site?

How can you contact me?

Distribution and Copyright Info:
This font is freeware, but is not in the public domain (meaning it is the sole property
of Fonthead Design). You have permission to redistribute this package as long as this
readme and the accompanying files are included. and... Use the font everywhere!