Thank you for downloading this Fontosaurus Text font! This
readme file will be quick and easy. This font is
donationware -- I let you download this font for free. If
you find it useful, and use it, please donate $2 to my Nissan
Xterra fund. The URL is:

I know, long and clunky URL. Not much I can do about that,
really. There's a file in the folder called "Donate Two
Bucks" that will take you straight to that web page if you
double click on it.

How to use your fonts:
Step One: Open the "Fonts" control panel.
Step Two: Click the "Add" button.
Step Three: Select the .TTF files and click the "OK" button.
Not as simple as a Mac, but pretty darn close.

Please visit Fontosaurus Text often -- as long as the
donations keep coming in, I'll keep cranking out more fonts.
As I write this, there are nine fonts in-progress, in
addition to a couple new desktop graphics, and yet another
icon set.

You may include this font on any CD or compilation for public
consumption based on two issues:
1.) You must include all the original files, including this
Readme file, from this archive.
2.) You must provide me with a complimentary copy of the CD.
Contact me via email (, to get my
snail-mail address.

Thanks for your patronage!

Dan Bailey
Head of Design, Web Geek, Official Coffee Drinker
Fontosaurus Text