Gravicon Display - PC Type 1/Truetype
Release - October 1996
Copyright 1996 by Tom C. Lai.
All Rights Reserved

Gravicon Display is a heavy weight modern font, based on a stencil theme,
fairly futuristic looking - think of those sci-fi wall stencils in film and
TV productions. It is very compact, and is best used a larger point sizes.
It has a full character set, a few dead characters, a set of symbols, and
a few alternate characters (option-character). The two alternate
characters are A and V.

This is the final release version, so if you have already paid for a
previous version, you are automatically registered for this version. There
have been significant changes to the spacing and kerning of characters - so
be aware that existing layouts may require reworking. Windows (Type 1 and
Truetype) versions are now available. I am no longer using
as an address - please direct your mail to

If you use this font for 30 days or more, either erase the font or pay the
shareware fee. That's it.

Pricing: $15 per copy (non-commercial, single user)
$20 per copy (commercial, single user)

$300 per site license, $1200 for all locations

Terms of Use:

By using this font, you accept and agree to the conditions as set forth in
this agreement.


Distribute the original archive to any friends or non-commercial electronic
information services. Use each registered copy on one machine at a time.
Install a copy on a network, provided that the number of machines using the
font at one time does not exceed the number of registered copies (purchase
a site license to avoid the need to track each copy.) Send more money if
you feel like it, and/or feedback, where this font will be used, etc.


Distribute this product commercially without express written consent of
author. Translate or create derivative works based upon this software.
Sub-license, sell, rent, lend, or lease any part of the software. Remove,
replace, obscure, or alter any documentation or copyright notices contained
within the archive or the software itself. Distribute this software in
anything other than the original archive. Distribute this software without
the original documentation. Reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble
this software.

Contact Information:

(correspondence only)
TLai Enterprises
10719 Ashby Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90064-3210

(send all payments to)
1442-A Walnut Street #392-TB
Berkeley, California 94709-1405 USA
510 652-6589 FAX