1. SHAREWARE DISTRIBUTORS. If you are creating a shareware disk or CD-ROM, you are invited to include our shareware on it, with our thanks. The requirements for using our shareware in this context are:

(i) Your product must be comprised exclusively of shareware applications as opposed to, for example, a collection of public domain images.
(ii) Your product must include a shareware notice printed prominently on the exterior of its packaging stating that it contains shareware applications which are provided exclusively for evaluation, and which must be paid for separately if your customers find them useful. The notice must embody the following: "The shareware included with this package is provided for your evaluation. If you try this shareware and find it useful, you are requested to pay its authors, it as discussed in its documentation. The manufacturer of this product has not paid the registration fee for this shareware."
(iii) Your product must have a retail price of no more than than the
equivalent of $10.00 (US). for shareware distributed on floppy disks and no more than the equivalent of $30.00 (US) for
shareware distributed on CD-ROMs.
(iv) You must download a current version of HotMind's shareware from our web page, or from the distribution sites. See the main documentation file for this application for more information about these resources.
(v) You may not modify our archive or its contents in any way.

If your product conforms to the foregoing specifications, you may include this shareware application with it you do not require explicit permission from us to do so.

2. BOOKS. If you wish to include HotMind's shareware on the companion disk or CD-ROM for a book, you must obtain written permission from us to do so.

3. BUNDLING WITH COMMERCIAL HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE. If you want the HotMind's shareware to be included with any commercial product not specifically discussed in this document you must obtain written permission from us to do so. This includes but is not exclusive to:

(i) Including HotMind shareware with Internet "starter kits".
(ii) Selling HotMind shareware in retail rack packaging of any sort.
(iii) Including HotMind shareware with image collections.
(iv) Bundling HotMind shareware with peripheral devices or computers.
(v) Pre-installing HotMind shareware on the hard drives of computers.
(vi) Giving away HotMind shareware at trade shows or other events.
(vii) Including HotMind shareware with other commercial software.

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