A Net Game

NET ST@LKER ™ is a new generation game that attempts to use the maximum of resources available on the net. At the beginning of the game, players must choose to join either La Fondation or The Movement. Players then battle it out for control of Internet through strategic search and tactical savvy.

Which side are you on? At the control panel, you can choose to crush the Cyberterrorist or spread the chaos throughout the net.

The Setting

While NET ST@LKER ™ is not a real story, it is important to establish some context. The setting is Internet. Internet is a global network interconnecting thousands of dissimilar computer networks and millions of computers worldwide. Over the past 20 years, it has evolved from its relatively obscure use by scientists and researchers to its significant role today as a popular, user-friendly, and cost-effective means of communication and information exchange. Millions of people conduct business over the Internet, millions more use it for entertainment, and some for criminal activities. Since the 80's a continuous stream of security-related incidents has affected thousands of computer systems and networks throughout the world. To address this menace, a growing number of government and private sector organizations around the globe have established a coalition to exchange information and coordinate response activities.

Today the net faces a new threat, an unknown virtual band of cyberpunks have declared a cyberwar on the world. They are using the net for propaganda and psychological campaigns, political and cultural subversion, interference with local media, infiltration of computer networks and databases, and efforts to promote chaos. Hopefully La Fondation will be standing in their way. The purpose of La Fondation is to collect all the information on the cyberterrorists in order to fight them with their own weapons, and eventually win the netwar.


Two organizations are facing each other on the Internet: La Fondation and The Movement. The player may choose to become a NET ST@LKER of La Fondation a secret non governmental organization, who fight against the cyber terrorists. Or join The Movement and cause anarchy on the net.

Sample Missions

In the course of the game you may be asked to do any of the following missions:
- Enter CIA HQ in Langley (VA) to retrieve a secret code.
- Obtain data on the new « star wars » weapon the military is developing in Alaska.
- Fight the cyber hijackers, who attempt to reroute commercial airplanes.
- Meet the intelligence service in Paris.
- Save Wall Street from chaos.
- Abolish the nuclear smuggler from the net.
- Save the net from a new malicious virus.
- Dismantle spycams originating from a secret net of laboratories...

Winning the Mission

To win a mission in NET ST@LKER ™, the player must submit the solution to the Server. He will then access the next Level and will be assigned a new mission.

Net Game

NET ST@LKER ™ is a Net game played in real-time online environment. This is a new genre of game. A Net game demands that a player uses all the resources of Internet: Websites, Email, Newsgroups, IRC, Freeware...A Net game forces you to visit real sites in order to discover the information necessary to solve your mission


NET ST@LKER ™ is being developed by HotMind Software.
Coming Soon: The official release date is July 1997.

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