*The Shareware comic book font*
tm and copyright 1996 by Ron Evry

Over the past few years, I have searched the internet and many buletin boards for a good shareware font suitable for lettering comic books and comic strips. While there are actually a few different fonts out there that have the word "comic" in their names, none of them really look like traditional comic book lettering. There are a few commercial comic book style fonts on the market (and they are nicely designed), but they generally run anywhere from $25 to $100 or more per font!

To this end I have designed Witzworx(tm), in Windows and Macintosh TrueType and Macintosh Postscript (Type 1) versions. The font is different from and at least as good as some commercial comic style fonts on the market. You are welcome to download Witzworx and try it for yourself. If you like and continue to use this font, all I ask is for you to send me a modest $10 shareware fee. As an alternative, I will accept any comic book with at least a $10 value based on Overstreet, Wizard or Combo catalog prices!

If enough users send in the shareware fees, I will consider it an incentive to design more useful fonts. I eventually plan to recreate the lettering styles of many classic comic books and strips, as well as new cutting-edge styles. registered Witzworx users will be informed via e-mail how to get these fonts online well before the general public!

You are welcome to duplicate and pass on copies of Witzworx to your friends, or post them online. I only require that this notice be included with it! User groups are welcome to distribute Witzworx as long as they do not charge more than a nominal copying fee. Witzworx may also be included in CD shareware collections, but I do ask that I be informed of this, and if possible, be sent a copy of the collection.

Please remit either $10 check or money order made out to Ron Evry, or send a comic book worth $10 or more to:

Ron Evry
2880 Cedar Crest Ct.
Woodbridge, VA 22192

You may reach me via e-mail at:
I will gladly answer registered users' questions.

Thank You,
-=-Ron Evry-=-

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