futurexBob truetypefont

By downloading this font you agree to the following terms
of use:

- This font is freeware.

- This font may be distributed ONLY via the Internet for
FREE. Under NO circumstances may this font be sold for
a profit nor be included as part of another product or CD-ROM
compilation. If you wish to include this font for FREE
distribution on your website, please include all
documentation and graphics supplied with this font.

- You may install and use this font on an unlimited
amount of machines.

- You may NOT rename, edit, or create any alternate variations of
this font.

- This font comes "as is" with NO warranty whatsoever.
joeBob graff-X accepts NO responsibility for any damages or loss of
any kind due to the use of this font. The use of this
font is solely your responsibility -- you use this font
at your own risk.

- Enjoy the font!

If you have any question regarding this document or the usage of
this font, feel free to contact me at jeroen_bosch@yahoo.com.
Thank you for downloading this font and be creative!

2000 joeBob graff-X parts used from Futurex font