Goodbye Grunge! Hello Neat!

gogo_big is a "neat" new sans serif face with feet set solidly in the 70's.
Uncluttered, easy to read, a strong headline face. Ideal for logos.
A complete font with full punctuation and specialty characters.

gogo_big is shareware. $7 gives you a Truetype font. If you use this font for any publication or commercial purpose please register it as shareware.

gogo_big may be freely distributed, providing you include this Readme.
If you wish to distribute this font as part of a shareware collection or package,
please contact me first at the address (E-mail or US Mail)
or phone number given below.


Send a check or money order for gogo_big in the amount of $7.00 payable to:

Bill Bogusky
Bogusky 2
11950 W Dixie Hwy
Miami, FL 33161

305. 891. 3642
Fax: 305. 891. 3679

Scanned for viruses with Disinfectant 3.6.