"Syntax Error" & "Syntax Terror" Truetype Fonts
(c) 1999-2001 by ck! [Freaky Fonts]

The personal, non-commercial use of my font is free.
But Donations are accepted and highly appreciated!
The use of my fonts for commercial and profit purposes is prohibited,
unless a small donation is send to me.
Contact: ck@freakyfonts.de
These font files may not be modified or renamed.
This readme file must be included with each font, unchanged.
Redistribute? Sure, but contact me first.

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Thanks to {ths} for the Mac conversion.
1@ths.nu or visit: http://www.ths.nu

"Syntax Error" : the original hardcore straight edge look,
"Syntax Terror": for all the soft-boiled sissys out there... ;)
recommended settings for "Syntax Error":
Paintshop use: Size 8 (& multiplier) - antialising turned off
Photoshop use: Size 10 (& multiplier) - antialising turned off
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